The venue of Round2, Urara

What's KOG?
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In the middle of 1998, Japanese top riders, Takashi Ito, Kotaro Tanaka, and York Uno launched a plan to provide a riders oriented flatland contest series by riders to gain public recognition and progress rider's status at public society. The first King of Ground contest was held at ROX3 Multi court, Asakusa, Tokyo on August 23rd, 1998. And now, over 100 riders that include foreigner riders from France, Germany and USA come to every contest. KOG is recognized one of international contests now.

The final of 2008 KOG season


As long as KOG is "a contest", a rider is judged by the difficulty of a trick, creativity and consistency. But we concern that's only a result of what they intend to express themselves with a bike. Therefore, we'd like to offer riders an opportunity to exhibit their expression rather than only an contest, including music and the fashion all together.

Hiroya Morizaki, 2007 BFWC champion

So we are fairly positive to a corroboration with other aspects of expression such as DJ playing and live painting, and try to develop Flatland to one of art forms at the same time.

A founder of King of Ground, York Uno